Superintendent's Message

January is School Board Recognition Month—a time to salute the work of our volunteer school board members and to celebrate public education.  This special recognition of School Board members reflects our combined commitment to leadership and accountability assuring that ALL children succeed.


It’s an exciting and challenging time in public education. School board members in Essexville-Hampton Public Schools develop policies and make tough decisions that help shape the future of our education system. They bear responsibility for an annual budget of $15.4 million, 1720 students, 187 employees and five buildings. They are citizens whose decisions affect our children and build our communities.


Essexville-Hampton Board of Education, and the hundreds like it across the state, preserve the core of our democracy—public education. They ensure that decisions on school programming are made by people we’ve elected to represent our community’s values, culture and circumstances.


Showing appreciation for the important work of school boards should be a year-round process, but too often we neglect to recognize the dedication and hard work of these men and women who represent us. This January, the staff and students of Essexville-Hampton Public Schools are asking all members of our community to take a moment and thank a school board member.


Thank you to the men and women who dedicate countless personal hours to ensure the needs of our community are met by our public schools. We salute the public servants of Essexville-Hampton Public Schools whose dedication and civic responsibility make local control of public schools in our community possible. We applaud them for their vision and voice to prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders.


The men and women serving Essexville-Hampton Public Schools and their years of service are:


John A. Martin                                   President                                   17.53 years

Joseph E. Pergande                              Vice President                            16.35 years

Charles C. Rochow                                Treasurer                                   17.53 years

Jill M. Urban                                          Secretary                                    12.53 years

Amber Davis-Johnson                       Trustee                                   1.02 years

Michael O’Neill                                  Trustee                                   3.02 years

Dean R. Verhaeghe                               Trustee (LRN)                             7.02 years


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