Superintendent's Message

Finally summer has arrived for all of us to relax and enjoy the sun and fun. As we approach the celebration of our country’s birth I would like to take a moment and give thanks. Thanks to a community, staff, and students that have given me so much in my life. While spending some downtime this summer I would like to encourage all of you to take some time to read. 

Shut off the phones and technology, find a good book and exercise your mind. Explore a world that only exists in your mind and uncover your true imagination. Read as a family and spend some quality time together. Recharge those batteries because school will be starting in no time and it will be back to a routine. Most importantly be safe and have fun. These times are one where memories are made for a lifetime.  Slow down and take some mental pictures for the future. 


Have a a fun and safe summer. 


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