About Us

Bush Elementary School has average enrollment of 265 students. We currently have three grade levels comprised of:  two sections of young-fives, five sections of kindergarten, and four sections of first grade. Currently our class sizes average 23 students. Bush Elementary strives to provide a great beginning for all students with a variety of educational experiences.

History of Bush Elementary

By 1954, it became apparent that a single school building in the Essexville-Hampton District could no longer accommodate the K-8 school population of our community. In 1955 groundbreaking and construction began on Bush Elementary School. The building was named in honor of the current superintendent, W. R. Bush.

The new school was dedicated in honor of Mrs. Olive Maynard, who taught in the Essexville-Hampton District for 43 years. The school opened in the fall of 1956.   

800 Nebobish Ave.
Essexville, Michigan 48732

Phone: (989) 894-9760
Hours: 7:42am - 2:35pm

Principal: Kristen Hahl


Bush Organizational Chart