About Garber

The story of Garber High begins with the decision by the Essexville-Hampton Board of Education in the late 1950’s to reject the State of Michigan’s recommendation to consolidate the school districts in Bay County into two districts.  

In the early 1960's, the school district acquired 37 acres from the Garber family to build a high school.  Groundbreaking for the new school took place on September 30, 1962 with Mr. Otto Garber in attendance. Garber High School opened in the fall of 1964 for freshman and sophomores.  It was dedicated on May 16, 1965. Garber students were greeted by a talented group of young, energetic teachers eager to be a part of the education method known as the non-graded system of teaching.  The first class graduated in 1967 with a class size of 108 students. 

In 1987, Garber High School was honored as one of the top twenty exemplary secondary schools in Michigan.  

Noteworthy Statistics:

  • 95% Graduation Rate

  • 80% of students enroll in college after high school

  • SAT scores above state average with an average score of 1026.6